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Talk to the fridge! (using Alexa, Salesforce and Electric Imp)

Long time no blog post, sorry. I have meant to write this post forever but I have managed to avoid it. Anyways, consider the scenario when you sit in your couch and you wonder: - “What’s the temperature in my fridge?” - “Did I close the door?” - “What’s the humidity?” You have already installed your Electric Imp hardware in the Fridge (Best Trailhead Badge Ever) and it’s speaking to Salesforce via platform events, you even get a case when the temperature or humidity reaches a threshold or the door is open for too long.

Visualise Big Object data in a Lightning Component

Good evening, In my previous post (Upgrade your Electric Imp IoT Trailhead Project to use Big Objects ) I showed how you can use Big Objects to archive data and now I will show how you can visualise the data in a Lightning Component. So now we have big objects being created but the only way to see them is by executing a SOQL query in the Developer Console (SELECT DeviceId__c, Temperature__c, Humidity__c, ts__c FROM Fridge_Reading_History__b).

Upgrade your Electric Imp IoT Trailhead Project to use Big Objects

I first heard about Big Objects in a webinar and at first I didn’t really see a use case, and it was in BETA so I didn’t care that much but now that it was released in Winter ‘18 everything changed. My favourite Trailhead Badge is still the Electric Imp IoT one and I had thought it would be fun to store the temperature readings over a longer period of time.

Uploading CSV data to Einstein Analytics with AWS Lambda (Python)

I have been playing around with Einstein Analytics (the thing they used to call Wave) and I wanted to automate the upload of data since there’s no reason on having dashboards and lenses if the data is stale. After using Lambda functions against the Bulk API I wanted to have something similar and I found another nice project over at Heroku’s GitHub account called pyAnalyticsCloud I don’t have a Postgres Database so I ended up using only the uploader.

Upgrade your Electric Imp IoT Trailhead Project to use Platform Events

As an avid trailblazer I just have to Catch ‘Em All (Trailblazer badges) and the project to integrate Electric Imp in my fridge was a fun one. [caption width=“200” align=“alignnone”] Build an IoT Integration with Electric Imp[/caption] After buying an USB cable to supply it with power it now runs 24⁄7 and I get cases all the time, haven’t really tweaked the setup yet. I have looked at the new Platform Events and I thought that this integration can’t be using a simple upsert operation on an SObject, it’s 2017 for gods sake!